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Booth Contract.

Please read your contract.

It explains most details of the Holistic Festival.


1. Festival Hours are from 10 am to 5 pm. Set up is Saturday morning starting at 8 am.

Booths should be prepared and ready for the public 15 minutes prior to opening.

2. Only products and services listed on the contract are to be offered and sold at the Festival.

3. Sponsors reserve the right to accept or reject products and services offered, as the goal is to diversify the Festival.

4. Participants are responsible to meet city & state licensing laws.

5. Sharing booths is only permitted in extra-large 10 x 8 booths. Sub-letting is not permitted.

6. Flyers, samples, promotions, etc. must be limited to Participants' booths - you may not pass anything out

anywhere else.

7. Vendor accepts all responsibility for services provided.

8. Sponsors not responsible for loss, breakage or theft of Participants merchandise or belongings.

9. CenterPlace does not allow helium balloons inside the building.

10. Participants are required to hold the booth open for the entire Festival.

*** If you leave early you will not be allowed to participate in another Festival. ***

11. Participant agrees to hold harmless Cindy Gardner, Spokane Holistic Festivals and CenterPlace.

12. In the event that any outside force, beyond the control of Holistic Festivals (environmental, etc.) prevents the Festival from taking place or the Booth Participant from attending, Sponsors reserve the right to retain payments for expense compensation.

13. Space will be reserved only upon receipt of application, contract and non-refundable deposit of $100.

Final payment for the booth is due no later than March 20, 2020. (Final payment for early discount is due March 1) Failure to meet this deadline could result in cancellation of booth. Only one notice will be given before rights to

booth will be relinquished. Cancellation with less than 30 days notice results in total non-refund of booth fee.