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FREE  LECTURES      APRIL 15, 2023

10:30   CHRIST MAITREYA: WORLD TEACHER - Share Int’l, Maitreya: The World Teacher

As The World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius, Maitreya's priority is to encourage the sharing of the world's resources in order to solve humanity's problems of starvation, poverty, terrorism and war.

11:00   WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER - Suzan Owens, Numerology

Discover your life purpose thru Numerology! Learn your personal year as defined by the Numbers and how it integrates with 2022. See what the future holds for 2023!

11:30   AWAKENING WITH SOMA BREATH - Matthew Chavez, Soma Breath

Matthew will introduce the core Soma breath techniques, demonstrate how to use them, and share the benefits of each technique and when and how to apply them. He will then lead a short, guided Soma Breath Experience.

12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings

Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, helping you make the best use of these heavenly helpers. She'll share tools to help you be aware of their presence & receive their assistance.

12:30  PSYCHIC PANEL Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings, & Steve Kaye, Intrinsic Psychic Card Readings, share their psychic abilities by doing readings for the audience.

1:00  SPEAKING FROM YOUR HEART IS YOUR TRUTH James Barfoot CHT, Intentional Hypnosis LLC

Speaking your truth is about honoring what you are feeling in your heart and speaking from there. Join hypnotherapist James Barfoot to learn the importance of and the rewards of speaking what you are feeling.

1:30  ASK YOUR GUIDES ANYTHING - Shelley Mathews, That Pendulum Reader

Join Shelley to learn the basics of using a pendulum to communicate directly with your Guides. Attend this light-hearted lecture and learn how to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

2:00  IS YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT? - Dr. Jeffrey Hannah, Clear Chiropractic

Dr. Jeffrey Hannah will speak about how your head/neck alignment affects whole body posture, function, and well-being and explain how upper cervical chiropractic care is a gentle & effective treatment in aiding the body to heal.

2:30   WALKING THROUGH LIFE’S LOOKING GLASS - Rich Baker, Crystal Wolfe Blends

As you walk through your life, you can view your experiences from different perspectives. Rich will help you to know the difference between Spiritual glasses and Regular glasses.

3:00  UNDERSTAND, PROTECT & CLEAR ENERGY - Annie Bryceson, Healer, Psychic Readings

Empathetic, sensitive people will benefit from listening to Healer, Annie Bryceson, share her tools and tips on how to clear and protect one’s energy from other people, places, or things.

3:30  HOW TO USE COLORS & QIGONG - Arlene Arnold & Stacey Cozza, Transformational Tools

Join Arlene Arnold & Stacey Cozza as they teach a simple, easy, effective practice to balance & heal using colors and Qigong.

4:00  ASTROLOGY  Q and A:  The Outer Planets - Jason Doud, Tao of Astrology

Jupiter shifted into Aries, Pluto will transition into Aquarius, and Saturn into Pisces. Bring your questions and curiosities to this lively lecture on what impact these outer planets have on individuals and society as a whole.

4:30  LINKING SCENT, SOUND & CHAKRAS - LeAnne Watrous, Solfa Scents

LeAnne will share how she discovered the link between scent and sound using essential oils, and sound vibration using Tuning Forks. She’ll teach you how to keep your Chakras balanced using her techniques.