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FREE  LECTURES      SEPT 17, 2022

10:30   CHRIST MAITREYA: WORLD TEACHER - Share Int’l, Maitreya: The World Teacher

Video clips of Benjamin Creme's lectures about the World Teacher, Maitreya, and His priority of encouraging sharing in order to solve the world's problems of starvation, poverty, terrorism & war.

11:00   THE AMAZING URANTIA BOOK -  Thomas Orjala, The Urantia Book

In the Urantia Book, we find the answers needed to address the moral, societal, economic, political, and spiritual issues we currently face. The Urantia Book points the way to a world where we will, one day, live in peace and harmony. Join us to learn to co-create this wonderful age of peace and enlightenment.

11:30  WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? Suzan Owens - Numerology

Discover your life purpose thru Numerology!  Learn your personal year as defined by the Numbers and how it integrates with 2022.  See what the future holds for 2023!

12:00  WORKING WITH YOUR ANGELS - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings

Cindy will share her vast experience in working with Angels, helping you make the best use of these heavenly helpers. She'll share tools to help you be aware of their presence & receive their assistance.

12:30  PSYCHIC PANEL - Cindy Gardner, Psychic Angel Readings & Steve Kaye Intrinsic Psychic Card Readings share their psychic abilities by doing readings for the audience.

1:00   HEALING THROUGH MOVEMENT Tara L Carlson, Healing Through Movement

Tara is a reflex integration specialist who has learned how to strengthen neural pathways through primitive movements to promote healing for both emotional & physical pain bodies.  Learn some of these movements and why/how they help improve the functions of the autonomic nervous system.

1:30  ASK YOUR GUIDES ANYTHING - Shelley Mathews, That Pendulum Reader

Join Shelley to learn the basics of using a pendulum to communicate directly with your Guides. Attend this Lecture and learn how to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

2:00  WHOLE BODY HEALTH - Dr. Rebekka Kuzichev, Clear Chiropractic

The Vagus Nerve is one of the most important nerves in the body.  Dr. Kuzichev will teach what it does, why it is important to every aspect of health, and how you can keep it functioning at its optimum potential.  

2:30  THETA HEALING TECHNIQUE - Deb Kitt, Dr. Mom 

Theta Healing is a powerful healing technique that can bring about physical and emotional well-being.  Join Dr. Mom to learn how to change non-serving beliefs and negative thought. patterns to more positive and helpful ones, releasing all types of energy blockages - allowing you to move easily and confidently toward your goals.

3:00  YOUR TOOLS CAN WORK TOGETHER - Rich Baker, Crystal Wolfe Blends

Seeing past the differences of many paths & how they don't place nice together.  Rich will help you find a rhythm in your practice of how all things can come together from all your path studies to make you feel like it is YOUR path that makes the differences in how you share.

3:30  SPEAKING FROM YOUR HEART - James Barfoot CHT, Intentional Hypnosis LLC

Join hypnotherapist James Barfoot to learn the importance of and the rewards of speaking authentically from what you feel in the moment.  He'll explain the importance of sharing clearly and how words impact us.


4:00  INCREASE YOUR INTUITION - Annie Bryceson, Healer, Psychic Readings

Healer, Annie Bryceson, will be discussing tools to help people connect to their intuition.  These tools will aid those who struggle with accessing and using the gifts available to them. 

4:30 AKASHIC RECORDS AND YOU  - Jan Longshore,  The Open Book - Akashic

The Akashic Records are referred to as the Book of Life in the Bible.  Join Jan Longshore as she shares her knowledge of the Akashic Records and reviews the truth as it applies to all.