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Sept 17, 2022

Congratulations to our Gift Basket Winner - Kelsea George of Coeur d'Alene

Thanks to these Vendors who donated these wonderful gifts

  • Melody Wood, DIVINATION & WOOD CRAFTS     Wooden candle holder & wall art

    Jordan Imholt, JORDANS JEWELS     Quartz owl necklace

    Johanna Price, J. TAU WORKS     Campers journal & treat

    Heather Hunter, VH PRODUCTS LLC     Assorted CBD creams

    Thomas Orjala, THE URANTIA BOOK     Book “The Story of Everything”

    Scott Olsher, MY CRYSTAL STOP     Standing Stone

    Marion Flanary, LIFE CHANNELS     30 Minute Reading

    Dr. Rebekka Kuzichev, CLEAR CHIROPRACTIC     Free Exam and consultation

    Laura Newsom, BIRDS OF A FEATHER     Quartz pendulum

    Penny Cosner, LMT, YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS     Essential Oils

    Shelley Mathews, THAT PENDULUM READER     Pendulum

    Karen Akers, doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS     doTERRA bath bar

    Sandra Norman, NORMAN HEALTH SYSTEMS     CBD foot products & socks

    Tara Carlson, HEALING THROUGH MOVEMENT     Free workshop

    Leah Moen, SOURCE CODE CBD     CBD Relief Gel

    Dorisrenae Guelich, ISAGENIX     Collagen Elixer gift set

    Spokane Eckankar Center, ECKANKAR - PATH OF SPIRITUAL FREEDOM     Book “Love, Keystone of Life” 

    Richard “Spirit Bear” Craven, SILVER BUTTERFLY HEALING CENTER & Rich Baker, CRYSTALWOLFE BLENDS    Buddha Statue

    Deb Kitt, THETA HEALING/EMOTION CODE     Water Bottle

    Annie Bryceson, HEALER / PSYCHIC READINGS     30 Minute Reading

    Michelle Storment, MONAT VEGAN PRODUCTS     Gift Bag of Products

    Susan Cimino, TIME SLIP REGRESSIONS     Free Regression

    Steve Kaye, INTRINSIC PSYCHIC CARD READINGS     Chakra Bag of Gemstones

    Dani Fletcher, & Joan Eaton, THE WAY OF WEIRD     Necklace

    James Barfoot, CHT, INTENTIONAL HYPNOSIS LLC     Two-hour Hypnosis Session

    Jan Longshore, THE OPEN BOOK - AKASHIC     Stones from the World

    Destiny Brown, DESIGNED BY DESTINY     Stuffed Animal

    Lisa Griffin Katz, HEALING STONE FOUNDRY     Agate Geode & blue Quartz Necklace

    Cheryl Gomez, VIBRATIONAL FLOWERS     “I AM” Vibrational Spray

    OSTEO STRONG     Stainless Steel Water Bottles & T-Shirts

    THE LOUNGE     $200 Gift Certificate

    Vanessa Warden, SYNCHRONICITY MIND BODY SPIRIT      30 Minute Massage, Incense, Sage, Bath Bombs, Lip Balm

    Tammy Bell, THE HEALING ORCHARD     Two Body Code Sessions

    Jaclyn Brereton, THE HEALING BOUTIQUE     Potpourri

    Deanna Norvell MS LMHC, THOUGHTS FOR CHANGE     Assorted Card Sets

    Cindy Gardner, PSYCHIC ANGEL READINGS     60 Minute Reading

May you enjoy these fabulous gifts, Kelsea!